Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kids' Party

It was time for another reward party for all the points the 9-12 year olds have earned. This time we had it at our home. We all loaded up in the pickup... all 12 of us! It was funny when they got to our house. I think they expected a really fancy place. We do not have a wall, so we do not want our house to look too nice... we would get robbed for sure! They said, “For rich people, this house is not very rich!” That made me laugh. Our house is kind of ugly on the outside. Since we are gringos we are “rich”. I think we are rich, but they are talking about, “we could buy our town” rich. They always say, “your house looks pretty on the inside!”

They have been doing their devotional sheets, bringing their Bibles, bringing visitors, and memorizing verses to earn points. Yesterday they got to spend their points on all kinds of sugar!
I made cupcakes, popcorn balls, and carmel cream sandwiches. Jimmy made candied apples! They were delicious and a very hot item at our “store”! They’ve only had honey apples before. We had tons of interesting candy we found at the party store too. One was miniature propane tanks full of candy... I thought those were very culturally relevant!
I filled them full of pizza, coke, and sugar and then we went outside to play tons of games. Surprisingly we only had one child get sick!
We had 18 qualify, but only 10 got to come due to parents’ issues.

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