Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coming Together

Jimmy has still been calling churches to give pastors updates. This is good to do every now and then so that they remember who you are, you can tell them thank you, and also many times a church’s email address will change. Last week we lost $100 a month support, but this week one of the pastors told Jimmy that they had increased our support by a $100 a month! God already took care of this loss for us.

Jimmy put together this video of our new house.

We are very excited about this next stage of our life. Jimmy’s mom is coming down the first week of May to help us clorox and paint. Our parents were excited when we told them about the house, but after they saw pictures, they were concerned. After they saw the video they are encouraged again. This house is a real blessing. It is large enough to have teams come and eat with us and for the smaller teams to actually stay. I have always wanted a long picnic table to feed teams at. Can you believe the owner left us a huge table. We can make some benches and it will probably seat 15 people.

We stopped by New Horizons when we were in the Petén, but we could not find the mayor. We are excited about having a team come down in July to hold 4 days worth of activities to start a work in this camp. We found out yesterday that a youth group is serious about coming. Please pray for us and this team as all the plans are coming together. Jimmy’s brother and friend are also coming during that time to help. I updated our Ministry page if you would like more information about what God has placed in our hearts to do in the Petén.

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