Monday, March 19, 2007


Sunday morning we got to go to Huehue to visit Luis’ church. The youth at that church have been studying spiritual gifts. They have been learning how to lead music and write sermons.
They led many parts of the service and took great pride in what they were doing. It was a great thing to see. Jimmy preached and then afterwards we got to fellowship with Luis and his wife.
The church is having a special time of prayer for the medical team that is coming in May. They have been preparing and have really taken ownership of this endeavor. This church is self-supporting and desires to start 2 new works in rural areas of Huehue. One is in San Sebastian and the other is in La Capellania Chantla. Luis needs a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to get to San Sebastian. He has a trade-in and is praying for the rest of the money. Please begin to pray for these two areas.

We were able to find a hotel.
The one we picked has a pet monkey!
Jimmy has been in constant communication with the team that is coming down. They are very excited!

While we were in one hotel a man came barging through the lobby door with a pointy hood over his head and a robe on. I thought we were getting robbed... my heart stopped. He asked a question and then walked out. When we left Jimmy told me that they were college students. I’ve heard of them before, but I had never actually seen one. Around Easter they go around and ask businesses for money and if they do not pay then later they throw oil on their buildings. They stop cars too. It is to raise money for their parties.
{3 college students}

{The monkey getting a bath!}

Jimmy went to Guate today with Larry to meet a team that wants to come to the Petén for a missions trip. It was a 15 hour trip, but he made it back safely.

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