Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On a More Positive Note... Sort Of

Jimmy sent me pictures of the doggies so I wouldn't worry about them. I thought it looked like he had just drug Fije's corpse in the house for this one, so he took another photo of her for me!

I was planning on Jimmy taking baby stuff back with him this time, but I think most of his weight was dog bones! They were very happy to see him. Quincho is doing a great job of taking care of them. They really like him too.
My husband is so thoughtful, he even sent me pictures of all my plants. We had just repotted these Jom trees that I started from seeds. They are doing so good! By the time we purchase property, they will be ready to plant in the ground. Jimmy even weeded all my plants for me before he left!
Jimmy polyurethaned the cribs he built for me. It's water based, so it didn't smell at all. The colors in the wood pop now! I love them!!
He had to sand them one last time before he polyed them. He was moving his hand across one of the boards really quickly and the sandpaper caught on a piece of wood and pealed up a big junk of it, so when he slid his hand across it, it went into one of his knuckles... in one side and out the other... yuck! He couldn't get it out, so he called a Mennonite friend who is a nurse.
Quincho was laughing because it was so gross and Jimmy wasn't reacting very much. (He doesn't understand that the many emotions of Jimmy all look exactly the same on the outside!) Quincho also doesn't understand that you have to hold the camera still to get a good shot!
Benj was very helpful. He got the splinter/tree limb out and bandaged up the wound. Jimmy was proud of his pool of blood! This is part of the piece of wood. Benj had to remove it in pieces.

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  1. your cribs look great!! but poor Jimmy's hand! we LOVE the map on the nursery wall.


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