Thursday, October 1, 2009

Special Prayer Request for Jonah

At our last OB appointment both boys looked good. Jonah was 3.5 lbs and Silas was 3.4 at almost 29 weeks which is the 82nd and 76th percentile. Silas already has hair on his head! There was a slight concern about there being a possibility of a little too much amniotic fluid around Jonah's head. We are going to a perinatologist tomorrow for a level 2 ultrasound. This is why we are here. Please pray for Jonah and that this will not be a problem. Thank you!


  1. Shelley I'm praying for Jonah. Those ultrasounds can be a headache sometimes. They picked up so many things that could be wrong with Griffin on ultrasounds (with his bowel and kidneys) and everything was fine. I had two ultrasounds a week with Julianna to monitor my amniotic fluid and everything turned out fine there too. They like to be careful I suppose but it can make a momma uneasy!

  2. We'll be praying!! LOVE your photo. how sweet!


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