Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 2: October 17

The day after they were born I got to take a shower and eat real food!!! I had my first cup of coffee in several months! I felt like I waited forever for them to come take out my IV so that Jimmy could wheel me down to the NICU. I was very excited about looking down at my babies rather then looking up at them from a bed. I wanted to memorize all their features and just soak in their presence. They seemed so unreal.
Silas was a little chunk for being that little. He was off of his ventilator and back on just the cannula.
Jonah held my finger and when I tried to let go he would grab it harder! He was a little fussy, but when I spoke to him he calmed down. Maybe he recognized his Mommy's voice from when I would speak to him in the womb. His arms, legs, fingers, and toes looked so long and lanky. He is a mover. He hears every noise and feels every draft. They want to keep them from being over stimulated so that they can rest, so they put a blanket over his eyes. I think his eyes are more sensitive than Silas'.
In the evening when we went to visit them Elizabeth, a lady from our church, was Silas' nurse. (At this point they each have their own.) She was so nice and it calmed my heart to know she was taking care of my son.
They get weighed each night. Since we were there she let me hold him for a couple seconds! It was so wonderful to hold one of my boys! He felt so tiny.
We got to see Jonah and Silas peek open their eyes just enough to see that they were born with blue eyes. We will see if that changes.
Jimmy has been so supportive of breast feeding. He keeps us on time and cleans all the pump stuff afterwards while I hobble back to bed. I am so exhausted and medicated there is no way I would have been able to keep up with all of this. I know he is exhausted too and still he is so encouraging and it has been going really well because of that. This is one way that we can feel like we are helping our little boys. Both will start receiving mommy milk through feeding tubes in the next couple of days.

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  1. Larry and I was thankful to be there and thankful that the staff's expertise and concern was evident. I'm so proud of Jonah & Silas' mommy and daddy. You both have sacrificed so much and never have the "easy" road but it is one that God has called you to. Their start in this world was earlier than expected but God has formed the boys in such a perfect way...we absolutely are in love with them!


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