Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 11: October 26

Silas is getting a fortifier mixed in with his mommy milk for a little while to help fatten him up and give him a little more calcium. He weighs 4.07lbs. It is normal for babies to lose weight right after they are born, but he has worked himself back up to 4lbs! Jonah too! He is 4.0lbs exactly... he has caught up with his chunk of a brother! We knew Jonah would take off in the isolette.
Mommy has been officially initiated by Silas. We were doing kangaroo care and he spit up on me when he was under my shirt. (He is fed through a feeding tube during that time.) I took him out to burp him hoping that would help and he spit up all over me again! It's nice to bring home a reminder of our boys! I brought in tiny blankets in the morning that I had slept with so that they could smell mommy all the time. Silas already threw up all over his by evening time!

Preemies have reflux issues. Please pray for them. I feel so bad when they work so hard to get the food down and then it just shoots right back out. Up to this point things have been moving quickly with little victories each day. The nurses warned us that babies learn how to suck at weeks 35 or 36 gestation, so they are going to be at this stage for a while... the gaining weight, learning to suck and digesting their food stage.
This is Jimmy and my dad on dimple watch. It's official Jonah has one dimple in his left cheek just like his Daddy. Love it!!! Silas has 2.
Jonah Dinsmore... the only baby ever to walk in the NICU! He cracks me up! He kept pushing his bum up into the air with his back legs and the nurse would make him lay down and then he would get up and do it again. I think my mom would agree that I deserve to have at least one hard headed little boy!

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  1. How cute are they both and how funny is Silas! I really love the top of your page...I never really thought of it as living your dreams, but how true! I'm glad your boys seem to be improving and we'll continue praying for them. Thanks for your sacrafice to Live Your Dreams and reach the people in Guatemala...Pray for us as we try and reach people here...I believe Americans are difficult to reach at times--we're spoiled, set in our ways (also known as stubborn :), and most are so unthankful for what all we have...getting them to let go of their 'fun' and receive REAL joy can be challenging. Keep us posted! -Jenn


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