Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 10: October 25

When we walked in today, Silas was having tummy time! He has so much hair! I think both boys have their Daddy's cowlick!
Silas is completely off of his IV's and is only on Mommy milk feedings, either through the bottle or his feeding tube. Right now Jimmy gets to feed him a bottle everyday at 2:00. He is up to 33cc a feeding, which is the max. Once he gets to 3 bottles a day he will be promoted to an open crib rather than an isolette! This is Jimmy burping Silas. I love watching them interact!

Since Jonah had been plugged up long enough for them to take him off my milk for a while, poop is a really exciting thing for us now. His mommy milk feedings have increased and he pooped while we were there! He is also off of his Bili blanket and has been promoted to an isolette. We think this will help fatten him up! His bed is right next to the door and he is constantly jumping from noises, so this will diffuse some of the noise and give him a chance to get more sleep.

He still moves a lot and is constantly grabbing at all his tubes and wires. He likes pulling off his sensors! Here he has his feeding tube wrapped around his head... crazy boy!

So I fixed his tube and he already has it in his hand again! He is going to be a very active boy who likes to figure everything out for himself!

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  1. They've already changed in just 48 hours since we have been gone. I'm glad that Jonah is in an isolette too! Only mommy's and daddy's can honestly say, "Yeah for Poop!"


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