Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life in the NICU Days 12&13: October 27&28

Our boys are both 4lbs 3oz. now! The nurses say they look alike. I still don't think so, but I've studied all of their features for hours! Jonah's eyes seem to be more sensitive to light, so we rarely get to see him wide-eyed. This was an exciting event!
Jonah at 12 days old
Silas at 9 days old
Notice Jonah has more tape on his feeding tube because he likes ripping things out! Silas is my easy going, always happy little boy.
This is Jonah being dressed after being weighed. He is holding onto the scale and doesn't want to be moved!
Me and my mom while I was kangarooing Silas.
Father and Son (Jonah)
Us with Jonah. Can't wait till we can get family photos taken with all four of us together... maybe Lucha and Fije too!


  1. we are enjoying your updates and photos. Glad things are going soo well!!

  2. I love the kangaroo care pictures. Do you have slings to put them in when they come home? I know you could sew one up easily. Griffin lived in one when he came home. People criticized that he was all scrunched up in there but I told them he was still supposed to be inutero! LOL

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures and boys with us...Praying for them daily...Congratulations....
    Debbie Schneider (Newspring)

  4. Shelley and Jimmy ~ we are thrilled for you and your sweet baby boys. You will be old hands at this parenting thing in no time! They are such precious gifts.


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