Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 9: October 24

Since I am behind I am going to start current posts and then add the pictures and stories from days 1-8 in order as I have time. There are sooo many pictures!

Jimmy's parents said goodbye to their grandboys early this morning. They prayed over Jonah and Silas before they left. I am so glad that they already feel attached and got a chance to love on our boys.
Today was such a good day! Jonah's bilirubin has come down and he should be off of his blanket some time tomorrow. Silas is off completely!!! I cannot stand looking at those lights, they give me a headache. Jonah will be happy to get rid of those glasses.
When we walked in, he was sleeping on his tummy. I know they are supposed to get tummy time, but Jonah didn't really like it before. He was so cute with his little bum in the air! He looked like a little frog.
Sarah was their nurse for the day shift... love her! They stopped monitoring his oxygen, so that means he has been consistently doing well for a while! His tummy x-ray came back completely clear, so they started him back on breast milk feedings through his tube and there was no residual! He was our little superstar today! Soon he will be in an isolette.
Since we still only get two 30min holds each day, Jimmy has been doing the bottle feedings with Silas so that I can kangaroo care with him during my time. He got Silas to take 23 out of the 26cc... without any spit up!
This is Jimmy burping Silas. The nurse always laughs because Jimmy doesn't pat hard enough! He is so gentle with Jonah and Silas.
I am so proud of my little boys, they are doing so good. Thank you so much for all your prayers for them. Please keep praying!!


  1. Your boys are doing great! 23 cc's! Griffin had a just begun drinking from a bottle at a week old and had a horrible time with it and burned off more calories trying to bottle feed then he could take in. I just wanted you to to know how well Silas is doing! I'm going to keep praying they keep growing stronger and things continue to go smoothly.

  2. so glad you are all doing so well, keep up the good work helping those little guys grow. We will continue to remember all of this beautiful family in our prayer time. I will share your wonderful story and pictures with the Kingdom Kids on Wed and they will continue to lift you all up in their prayers as well.

    Kathy Vanhoy, Hillcrest Baptist Church, Kernersville,NC

  3. I love Silas' little hat...he looks MUCH warmer now! :=) You know how Grandma's worry! Whoever came up with "kangaroo care" is brilliant! Grandpa couldn't hardly pray as he was so "emotional" when he left...they both have him wrapped around his little finger and they are only a week old!


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