Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life in the NICU Day 21-24: November 5-8

Both boys have taken up to 2 entire bottles a day on their own. They might be bumped up to 3 a day tomorrow. We think they could have been bumped up sooner, but that's a parent's opinion! Our two favorite doctors haven't come in for awhile, they seem to be more aggressive than the ones looking at their charts for the last week and a half.
Yesterday Jonah started opening his eyes more. His eyes are very sensitive to the bright lights above his bed, so we had to wait a little longer to enjoy them!
Each day I feel like we connect with them more. They have their little mouths open when we get there like little birds ready to be fed. One visit Jimmy walked in about 5 minutes before I did and picked up Jonah for his feeding. Silas, still laying in the bed, was very upset and started to whimper. Soon his Mommy came and fed and snuggled with him too. I was worried at first that they wouldn't distinguish us from the nurses, but they know who we are! We are very much attached!
Silas caught on to the nursing before Jonah, mainly because Jonah just wanted to sleep! Since they get a feeding through their tube while they are being nursed, anything they get is extra. For that reason, Silas hit the 5 lb mark first. Jonah is 2 oz behind. Jonah did really good this morning nursing. Yesterday seemed like a turning point for him in many areas.
Silas was taken off the pump they were using to slow his feedings and hasn't had any problems with reflux. Jonah's slight reflux is better too.
Silas found his thumb for a little while!
I was on a mission to find them more hats since they lose so much body heat through their heads. I found some sunglasses too. They need something to protect them from the harsh lights in the NICU!
I think they would have liked them if they hadn't already been asleep! They will wear them in KS. We only put them on them for the photo op! (Silas is on the left, Jonah on the right)
They are still on track to come home around 36 weeks gestation. That should be in a little over a week! Please keep praying for them!


  1. love the new hats! they are too cute. Glad all of you are doing so well. We're still praying for you and enjoy reading your updates.

  2. They are really adorable in their hats. We see changes each time we visit. We are looking forward to the time they get to come home and have Mom and Dad care 24/7.


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