Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Tale of the Green Booger

So not sure if this was a nice little warm up or if it is going to be this scary every time. Before we left the NICU they went over how delicate our babies' immune systems are and that we need to be very careful and not even take them anywhere for a while. No one should see them unless they are willing to bathe themselves in hand sanitizer. If they do get sick it is probably RSV and that is absolutely HORRIBLE! Well, that is how I processed everything we were told and stored it in my mind. Jimmy's version is much calmer I'm sure.
Last night as I was swaddling them after their feeding I saw a booger coming out of Silas' nose. It was nice and clear. I wiped it gently and realized it was one of those nasty ones that just keeps coming. It basically extended all the way back into his throat. At the other end was a nice green blob. GREEN! That's bad... right? Well you know I googled the mess out of "preemies with green boogers." We had been so careful with him. Where could he have found germs? We immediately took his temperature. 98.6... it was just a normal digital thermometer. Us being still very concerned, Jimmy made a 1am run to Walgreens. He returned with some saline drops to clean out his nose and a temple thermometer for babies. Sure enough his temperature was still at 98.6.

Silas made it through the night... and seems perfectly fine! This was the States where Jimmy could run up and talk to a pharmacist. Not sure how I am going to handle something serious in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this was a practice round to condition me for Petén!


  1. Don't forget the book "Where there is no doctor" We raised our kids on that book.

  2. Shelley, you crack me up! This is such a cute story. :o) Prayers for your little guys, especially for their health.

  3. It's so hard being a mommy! Right after I first brought Griffin home we had just moved into a new house. I was sitting looking out a window feeding Griffin when Ty (2) came up behind us and cracked Griffin in the head with a wooden curtain rod. The sound was horrible and I was sure he had brain damage. LOL I called Ryan crying and going crazy. He had a catscan of his head and all was fine. I can also remember when Griffin caught a cold from Ty and ran a little fever. Tense times! I'm sure I drove Ryan (and our doctor)absolutely crazy.

    Loved your story! Praying for you guys.

  4. Poor you! When Nate was about 18 months, he found a piece of broken amber glass that had hidden from my broom behind the leg of our old china cabinet. I was sure I had done a thorough job, but - ah, well. He had it in his mouth and there was no blood, but yeah - we were upset. Later that night, he woke up crying, and when I brought him into the dining room, he threw up red liquid! We did the calm, intelligent thing. "Ghack! He's gonna die! What do we do!?" Believing the worst, we ran screaming to the ER. Two hours later we were informed it was koolaid; that any blood from lacerations in his digestive system would have been clotted and black. Praise the Lord for His protection. Ya just hafta trust that most kids live through most things, and our God is good.

  5. Reading this now after seeing so many other things you have dealt with since then adds quite a bit of depth to this post. You're amazing!

    1. So funny to read this now since you commented on it. God knew I really did need a warm up, lol!


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