Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Caught Up

Jonah and Silas would like me to report that after 8 months of some serious eating they have proudly caught up to their fellow born in October peers. They are right in the middle if not a little more than the weight of an average 8 month old!
They are both chatting it up non stop.
Their newest skill is crawling.
They can cover some ground in a walker.
Silas is pretty good at sitting up by himself, but Jonah refuses to sit still long enough to even try!
Jonah's first tooth came in.
Favorite Activities:
Reading books with Mommy - They turn the pages of the larger ones. Their favorite books are the ones filled with photos of their family.
Bubbles - They makes them gasp.
Seeing their friends in Santa Rita.
Wrestling with Daddy on the rug.
Favorite Toys:
Frozen Pear Slices
Things that we absolutely cherish:
Jonah humming himself to sleep.
Silas grabbing his toes when he smiles real big.
Their big smiles in the morning!
Silas taking naps on the big bed (he thinks it's super special and so do we).
Jonah bouncing himself like a wild man in his bouncer (it's self propelled).
Silas trying to sing along when we sing.
Jonah giggling when he's sleepy.
Yep... we stinkin' love these boys! We don't take a minute for granted.
Lunchtime Fail


  1. I LOVE these blog posts!! And the pic of you and the boys!

  2. I MISS THEM!!!! (and you guys too!!!)

  3. I love them!!!!!! I'm going to miss you all very much! :)


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