Saturday, June 26, 2010

White Fields Day One

Village #1: Santa Amelia: 150 families, Campo Blanco.

In each village the team shares the Gospel through puppet skits, a narrated skit, testimonies, and songs.
(The skit was about a heavy burden.)
The puppet skits always get a bunch of laughs.
When the team arrives in a village they jump out of the bus with frisbees and soccer balls trying to encourage people to come out for the event. At first they are very shy towards this group of gringo strangers...
but by the time it's all over they don't want them to leave!

Village #2: Mojarra: 40 families, Campo Blanco.

The team sang some songs in Kekchi with Domingo and José. For some reason in every village they were requested to sing something in English, which they did.
In each village two teens would share their testimony. They did a great job! Jimmy would translate it to Spanish and then Domingo into Kekchi.
Even the Guatemalans think it is uncharacteristically hot for hot Petén! These smart women found shade under an almond tree.
They didn't miss out on anything though, they still had plenty of gringos to entertain them!
Again there was a great turnout to hear what these strangers had to say.

Village #3: San Miguel Alto Uno: Population 70 families, 1 family has accepted Christ.

This family just recently came to know the Lord. What is interesting is that they accepted Christ as a result of hearing the Gospel during one of the new programs that Jimmy, José, and Domingo have been working on with Lifeword, the radio ministry that contacted us through Pastor Andy. It is exciting when God lets you see how some of the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together! They called into the radio station afterwards and asked if someone would come out to their village and start a church. José and Domingo had not been out that way before, so that is how they ran into the other 2 campos blancos (villages) that the group went to this day.
They made tamales for the group. Eating tamales is a big part of the whole Kekchi village experience! Jimmy asked if some of the ladies would teach the girls how to make corn tortillas.
There is a high standard of excellence when it comes to making a corn tortilla... that skill is part of being a Kekchi female. Gringas just don't have it!
The tamales were steaming. Our group compared them to things like grits and boiled peanuts... did I mention this team was from the South. Someone did notice that the tortillas our girls had made had been tossed into the fire... no Kekchi female wanted to claim them!
Afterwards there was a great turnout for the songs and skits.
Later the same family let the team show a video in their home, "Hope" in Kekchi. It is a beautiful presentation of the Gospel in their heart language.
They even removed part of their wall so that more could see from outside.
It was a great first day of ministry. Thank you for your prayers so far and please keep praying for all three of these villages. Pray for Domingo and José as they continue to plant seeds in these communities and that one day all three will be full of believers who desire a church in their village where all can come and learn more about God.

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  1. Great report, Shelley! We're so pleased to be able to have a part in the ministry that you and Jimmy have among the Kekchi. Those tamales sound wonderful. Keep up the great work!

    Rick Russell


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