Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Very Interesting Date

Jimmy asked me out on a date last Friday. He had seen a new sign up advertising a hotel/restaurant close to the turnoff to Tikal. It belongs to the father of the owner of Maya International (another hotel/restaurant we eat at), so we figured there was a good chance we wouldn't get amoebas... our expectations really aren't that high.

We drove down this long dirt road to a not very attractive gate that was locked with a chain. There was a guard there who let us in. At this point I was thinking, "Great... this is going to be closer to creepy than quaint." Then we drove down another long dirt road. This is when I said to Jimmy, "If it's one of those joints where they kill what you're eating after you arrive, we're leaving." For some reason Jimmy was still hopeful, so we went on.

This is what we pulled up to, it's the hotel lobby.
Unfortunately we got there at dusk, and while holding a 10 month old I didn't take the time to check my photos or adjust my camera, so these photos don't paint as pretty a picture as our experience.
These are the rooms. Our groups probably won't ever stay here, but we are defnitely going to bring them here to eat. The entire place is just breathtaking. It is very quiet because you are surrounded on 3 sides by jungle and the other side is lake Itzá. It is a memorable experience.

For dinner I picked a table close to the lake. There was a small patch of grass that separated us from the lake and a wobbly looking chain link fence. The waiter started throwing pieces of bread into the lake, so I looked down into the water and saw this!...
Can you see his eyes?! He said that there are 3 crocodiles that hang out there regularly waiting for food... haha!
We had a wonderful time and our food was delicious! It was a perfect date!
For some reason I think the normal childhood thrill of feeding the ducks is going to be lost on our little boys!


  1. It is gorgeous! I love how Silas turns to look at his mommy while taking the pic and Jonah could care less!

  2. So that's totally hard core. I want to feed a crocodile!!! =D I was just thinking about you guys and missing you so much I can hardly stand it. I'm praying for all of you! I love you guys!!!


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