Friday, October 22, 2010

9 Days

Jimmy's parents flew in last Tuesday. They had 9 whole days with their grandsons.
Jonah and Silas had...
9 days to get to know their Grandparents.
9 days to realize they were more than just friends over for a day.
9 days to fall in love with them.
9 days to get used to them showing up at breakfast time and then staying to play the rest of the day.
9 days to realize that they are pushovers compared to their parents!
Last night Grandma and GDawg went through their bedtime routine with them and then kissed them goodbye. These little boys will miss them bunches, but now they will know who they are when we skype. Now we can keep the relationship going. I think with all this effort in spite of being countries away, they will grow up closer to their Grandparents than most.
We are so thankful that Jonah and Silas had this time with them. It was fun to watch them interact.
Last week, for the first time since returning to Guatemala 9 months ago we left our boys in someone else's care for a couple hours. It was sort of strange not having them with us. No one was staring at us or making comments about how precious we were... we weren't special at all. We blended in nicely. Other than finishing a complete thought while talking with Jimmy my one goal was to drink an entire cup of coffee while it was still hot... and I did. Our date was fun! Honestly I feel like every night is date night. We have a lot of things to get done after Jonah and Silas are snug in their beds, but then before we go to sleep ourselves we always spend quality time together. I look forward to it every day. What makes it special is that Jimmy looks forward to that time too!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: We got 3 new traffic lights in Santa Elena/San Benito. Traffic lights are never boring in Latin America! I miss the Guatemalan clowns that used to entertain us in Xela. They were really good at what they did. For some reason here all we get is foreigners who've run out of money. This guy decided he would twirl fire on a rope to earn some quetzals. Unfortunately he seemed to be under the influence of some type of substance which resulted in several flaming smacks to the face. Not the quality entertainment we are used to, but entertaining none the less.


  1. I laughed and cried reading this blog! I am so glad Grandma and G-Dawg were able to have these last 9 days!

  2. That is so great the boys got to have some real time with their grandparents!!!

    AS far as the "crazy item of the day"...

    Seriously - traffic lights? Do the drivers pay any more attention to them than they do stop signs or speed limit signs? My experiences down there don't give me much hope that such "traffic control" efforts will do anything but confuse the issue!

    By the way - how's the weather?


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