Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Funny Place

So we woke up this morning to no water and realized that a pipe had broken outside. This has happened before since they built this whole house and then thought, "Hey... we forgot the plumbing." So all the pipes are in a shallow trench outside. This is just one of the many reasons this house requires almost daily repairs.

All of our water from our cistern drained into our yard, although it didn't look like a very big puddle (we later found out why). Our water pump had been running dry for who knows how long, so it needed to be primed and then fingers crossed, it would work again.

Good Morning! Jimmy was off to the hardware store before he finished his coffee. By the time we normally would finish breakfast he had the pipes fixed (which included breaking up some concrete), pump primed and working, and some water in the cistern. Ya know... water makes a day much easier. I was so thankful.

Jimmy rigged up our rain cistern again since while at the hardware store he found out that they hadn't turned on the water in this town for 3 days because of a... wait for it... broken pipe. Water isn't a big deal in this place for some reason. So all that hoping that today was our side of the streets' day for water was in vain, neither side was getting any. Who knows when they will get the water on again. And I'm blaming this next part on our town too (because it's the company you keep), it didn't rain today. It has poured every day for the last 2 weeks and there was not ONE DROP today! (Probably only in our town.) No... I know who is in charge of the rain and we're good. We had plenty of water today, it was like the widow's oil!
There were a couple other blips before the day was over, but we still had a good day. I think we have lived this day before... several times!

Before Jimmy left for the discipleship class in SR he fixed this plant up for me. I had seen this stump in a wood pile outside someone's house the other night while leaving Santa Rita. I casually said to Jimmy, "Ooo, I want that stump," and to my surprise he went and tried to buy it. The lady didn't want him to pay her for it, so he gave her Q10. Then he cleaned it up with a metal brush, lined it with plastic and put my plant in it. I love it! Jimmy's this sweet every day to me.
(This was the funny in our September update, so sorry if you read it twice.)
There is a big holiday here called Kids’ Day. We took Jonah and Silas out for some ice cream to celebrate. The restaurant gave them balloons and stickers. The stickers had Spanish phrases on them like, “Hello”, “Please”, “Thank you”, “May you have good digestion”, but the sticker that made us laugh out loud was the the one that read, “Can you loan me some money”! We had to put that one on them!

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