Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Friday was Jimmy's 28th birthday. We usually reserve Thursdays for family day, but this week we moved it to Friday. We had nothing on our agenda but spending time with each other and eating yummy stuff. We celebrated Daddy! He got to pick all his favorite meals and didn't have to change any diapers (although I think he snuck around and changed some anyway)!
Jimmy always wants a German chocolate cake. The boys tried it for the first time and they liked it too!
His grandmother sent me her recipe, so he got his big cookie! Her recipe is delicious. It makes 2, we ate the first one the night before his birthday when it came out of the oven!
The day was mostly a good one. Unfortunately in the afternoon the wind blew, so we lost power and water for about 4 hours. That's Guatemala's way of wishing Jimmy a Happy Birthday... haha! Makes you really appreciate your fans when you have to go without them.

Earlier that morning I threw some potatoes in the oven to make soup later for supper. Jimmy and I traded watching the boys so that I could finish getting ready. I forgot to tell him the oven was on and really didn't think it mattered since they were all playing the the boys' room. Well they moved out into the hallway/kitchen/dining room and Silas walked over to bang on the side of the oven. Jimmy was close by, but he didn't know the oven was on since it wasn't mealtime. Silas let out a yelp. The poor little thing burned the palm of both hands. We felt so bad. It was a horrible feeling. Silas sat with his hands in a bowl of cold water for about 2 hours, so it must have burned for a while. We gave him some ibuprofen and he was much better after his snap, playing like normal again. We are so thankful it wasn't any worse. It was very traumatic for us all. In our forever house since our kitchen is part of the great room and can't be closed off, we are going to sell this oven and look for one that doesn't heat up on the outside so this can never happen again.
Jonah checking on his brother. He wanted to know where his bowl of water was!

So how's that for some birthday drama! Even though part of our day was in the dark, part was filled with guilt worrying about out little boy who was in pain, we all survived and had some very memorable wonderful moments together!

CRAZY ITEM OF THE DAY: The temperature has been fluctuating a lot, which makes our ceiling star snowing again! Thankfully the worst room is our storage room, which is really our clothes closet/laundry room/pantry. Each day this is what everything gets covered in. You can tell when someone goes in there because there are white footprints trails through the rest of the house.


  1. Is the cookie recipe a secret, or can you share? ;)

  2. Poor baby Silas (and you guys too!)

  3. Happy birthday to Jimmy! That cookie and the cake look delicious!

    On the burning thing, I think protecting your kids as much as possible is good, but every kid burns himself at some point and the good thing is that it wasn't a bad burn. He'll remember it and hopefully won't burn himself again. (though no guarantee, Dorian asked if a pot was hot, I said yes and so he touched it to see if I was right!). I'm glad he's ok.


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