Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something Fun

Jimmy grew up a Packers fan, so this super bowl was already going to be exciting for our family. Then Arlen and Keturah had the idea of us all getting together for the game. They live over an hour away, but they made the drive anyway. David and Regina had a full day that day, but they made the trip too. We were glad, it adds to the game to watch it with other fans.
We had great snacks too! Besides pizza, Keturah brought homemade salsa and ceviche, which I had never had before, it was delish! Regina brought brownies, which my boys loved, and I made loaded potato skins and cupcakes. We watched the game on our projector... in English! We got everything but the commercials.
It was a fun day... even more memorable because of the outcome!
Keturah has this cool pulley contraption at her house for her clothes line, I have oohed and awed over it several times. You just stand in one place loading the line and pulling the rope as you go, moving your clothes out into the sun to dry... beautifully efficient. Well on a recent trip back to the States she picked me up one from a Mennonite hardware store in PA. What a sweet surprise, I love it!


  1. I've loved reading your blog! I was in Guatemala with Lifeword and Andy Schachlin in 2009, and I'll be back in a few weeks to work with you guys! I'm the gal with the video camera :). Can't wait to see you and everything that's going on with the radio ministry!
    ~Marla Stanton

  2. Hey! Thanks for finding our blog. We look forward to seeing you guys again!


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