Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 - 1 = a Well for the Institute

This past weekend Metro Baptist Church in Gootlettsville, TN invite Jimmy to preach their mission emphasis Sunday. They flew him up there Friday and he returned last night. 
They were one of the first churches to take us on for support back in 2005 when we started deputation (traveling around church to church raising monthly support). We are very thankful for the relationship we have with them and their faithfulness to support what God is doing here in Petén over the years. 
While there Jimmy gave an update of the work here. At the end of the Sunday morning service they held a business meeting right there in the congregation and voted to send the institute (KBI) $20,000 to dig the well and set up the pump to provide water for all of the families and projects on the KBI land. We are overwhelmed by their generosity and as always marveling at the way God just meets the need when the time comes. That was the next phase we needed to complete to get the institute up and running and we can start on it immediately. This is such a blessing and a testimony of God's hand on the institute. I have 3 other needs that have been met recently regarding the institute that I haven't even posted about yet. God takes care of everything. 

The boys and I held down the fort here... Eden too. Daddy returned home with an entire suitcase dedicated to Christmas presents for the kids, if he can hold out till then. Daddy isn't very good at keeping surprises secret for very long! I already got all of my dark chocolate out of him, so the boys probably won't be far behind me. 

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