Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eden Likes Food!

Can you believe this little girl is ready for solid food?! 
I introduced her to solids at 6 months... well I guess you should say "we"! Silas is usually very interested in all things E. Jonah is sweet to her and worries about her if he thinks she is upset or in danger, but isn't entertained by her for very long. 
It seems to be that the consensus is that Eden is a female version of Silas, but I see a lot of Jonah in her too! Like this:
They both have a crazy leg thing going on most of the time. I still think she is a blend of us all. 
Pureeing food for one baby is so easy! With the boys it seemed like I was pureeing something every time I had an ice tray free. With E, I just puree something once a week maybe. 
We started with avocados, but I don't think she was very impressed. 
Here is a clip of her first bite and Silas helping!
So far she has had avocados, carrots, homemade rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and cheerios. She likes everything but rice and avocados. And she can flat put away some food!
A hard hat and a gun... I'd say she has been accepted into the twin club!


  1. Sweet! My E is starting to get interested, but definitely not enough for substantial solids vs. bmilk yet.

    You puree the food, after you cook it, then freeze it in ice cube trays and then thaw as you need it? I've never done that before. It sounds like a good system!

    1. That's the website I used to get me started. How long do you nurse your babies and when do you start solids? IMO I think most people start babies on solids way too early, but that is only because I was a nut about everything when we came home with 2 preemies, so I read and read... too much really. I nursed the boys till 12m, and E is still nursing a lot. The first month she did solids I didn't think she actually got any solids down, but by the time she hit 7m she got the push it to the back of my mount and swallow thing down finally. I never saw photos of your E's haircut!

  2. I love you guys. Just saying. =)


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