Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Local Sweet Treats

Each year close to Christmas time the town of San Pancho (what will be our kids' home town... yay!) has a food festival. They call it Mesitas which is "little tables". San Pancho has lots of cultural events throughout the year. I just think it is the quaintest little town. It has a main square with a large grassy park, Catholic church and other things in the center and then another slightly smaller square a block over with a community center in the middle that people can rent for different events. Hundreds of booths are set up around both of these squares. You get to stroll around and look for yummy candy and desserts to try. 

In the past the boys have either been sick or we were busy somewhere else, so this is the first year that we have all gotten to go as a family. We didn't eat supper before we went (who eats supper before a food festival?) so we picked out some street food as soon as we arrived. 
{Jonah and Silas with their fried chicken}
 Jimmy did the chapin thing and picked out some type of chicken tortilla thingy, but this gringa wasn't touching that. I know how to pick my street food! When they break up chicken here for boneless meals they kind of separate it by beating it with something. Well bone chips get all mixed in with the meat. That's a cultural thing. What they do make that I LOVE is fried chicken! Jimmy was making fun of me for eating fried chicken and not being adventurous, but for an entire city block guess who was spitting out chicken bones?!
And here's Jimmy buying some fried chicken for himself!
There was homemade candy of every kind imaginable, preserves, pastries, and other yummy desserts. 
It was hard to pick what to try! We talked to each booth we bought things at and told them we were moving there soon. Everyone was so friendly. These ladies said, "Soon we will be neighbors!" 
They gave me a free poch... so nice! I cannot wait to live in this town. It is a nice size where you could really know almost everyone. 
 We will be the first US Americans to ever live there I think because Jimmy was required to go to the town hall for something to finish our visas a while back since that will be our permanent residence and no one there knew how to help us because they hadn't had foreign residents before. 

 We used our stroller for the first time in over a year. We don't go many places conducive to strollers!
{Jonah watching the musicians and Silas guarding his pop!}
Silas and Jonah loved all the sugar and music! They are fascinated right now with musical instruments. 
 There were several groups there. All had "walls" of speakers... my boys liked that too!
 Eden had fun too!
 I'm not sure who got more attention as we strolled along the streets, the twins or the "baby doll" with the big bow! 
 Here are the goodies we came home with:
 All the ones we asked about were made with boiled sugar cane. The white is coconut (that one was my favorite) and the brown one too. The one on the right is sesame seeds. They were all delicious!
We all had WAY too much sugar that night! San Pancho is looking like a really nice place to call home! I hope that one year our family can do a table together full of yummy treats. That would be a fun way to meet people!

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  1. Sounds like loads of fun highlighted with lots of sweets and new friends.


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