Saturday, December 1, 2012

Well That Works Better

Up until now we have just been having 2 services on Sunday. The evening service has been going really well. We have been growing pretty steadily with new people coming from NH and SP. It is the 3 month school break here too, so it's kind of like our "summer break" here and we haven't been hit too hard by it. This was this past Sunday night service:
Only about 5% of our people have been coming on Sunday mornings though, so we decided it would be better to change that service to a midweek one. Over the years we have never had much success with Sunday morning services. Women are always cooking and I have no idea what the men are doing, but where we have been no one comes until dark, no matter what! So... we can adapt!

Thursday evening was our first midweek service. We decided this Sunday morning and then did not clarify it very well Sunday night, but we still had a pretty good group come:
It's just like the States, all the teenagers sit in the back! Please pray for this church plant, that it will continue to grow and that we will continue to adapt! The majority of our people would not describe themselves as "believers" yet, but they are still faithfully searching...  


  1. It is the same way at our church. We switch services based on rainy/dry season, and the evening service draws a much larger crowd. Praying for this church plant!

    1. Congratulations on your little boy=)

    2. Thanks! Did you have any of your kids in Guatemala, or did you go back to the States (if you don't mind my asking...)

    3. Yes, Eden was born here. I blogged about it so I wouldn't forget anything! It was in March if you are interested. I had my twins in the States only because my doctor in Guate suggested it since there was a good chance they would come early... which they did at 7M. They just didn't have the equipment at that time, so the NICU in the States was best for us. I loved my birth experience in Guate because of my doctor, he is wonderful. If we are blessed with any more I hope we get to have them here as well. Are you giving birth here?


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