Monday, August 12, 2013

Lots of Hard Work

We had a construction team arrive Monday a week ago. They spent 4 days working on student houses at the institute. 

Jimmy had to leave one day for a meeting with the Kekchi pastors and another day to take part of the team for a separate outreach. I will share about both of those days later, but since he wasn't there every day to mix concrete he was really hoping to borrow a cement mixer to help the team out. Thank you to the mennonite mission in El Chal for the use of your mixer! During those 4 days the team was working they poured 2 floors, boarded up 1 house and moved 10 tons of clay to level out the floors of 2 other houses to prep for floors. 
Each day they came over to our house for lunch.
They had great attitudes working in that heat!
They were very sweet to our kids too!
Thursday night they attended our midweek service. 
They shared some songs they had learned in Spanish.
And Becca had prepared a special lesson for the kids time. 
My boys liked hearing the lesson in English as it was being translated! They especially liked that it was about Jonah and the whale!
The church kids seemed to really enjoy it too!
Can you tell why Jonah and Silas really look forward to teams coming to visit!

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