Monday, August 5, 2013

So Many People Hurting

Our church family needs a lot of prayer today. Yesterday afternoon, a one year old little boy of a family who has been attending our church drowned. This is a family who already lost their mom. This was their stepmom's baby with their father. The entire family comes to our church and God has been working in their lives. As far as we know, none of them have claimed to have put their faith in Christ yet, but they were coming every week seeking. Due to them being from NH, we are very concerned for them as they mourn. That community loves to destroy families. They are going to try and place blame and tear them apart, it has already started. Jimmy missed the service last night to be with this family and Juan preached. The father had asked Jimmy to come. Jimmy had to leave once the drunks started coming out due to being forbidden to be inside that place anyway and there being so much hostility. After church Juan, Nick, and Norma went to be with the family as well. 

The mayor of the town close by donated a casket. They washed the little boy and placed him inside with it left open. Everyone just sits quietly in a room with him while children walk up and look and touch the dead body.  It is all so sad. Jimmy did get to talk to the father a lot, but I am very worried about the mother. She isn't from there and I know she is completely alone.

We have the promise that sweet little Estephen is in the presence of God, but we still mourn. Please, please lift up this family in prayer. Please pray that this tragedy doesn't tear them apart. Please pray that somehow this will draw them to the Lord. Estephen had 3 brothers and 1 sister who loved him very much. Please pray for them all!

We had a 13 year old Christian teen who attends our church show up at our house this morning. His parents are drunk and kicked him out telling him that they hope that he dies on the street. Obviously he was in tears. There are so many people hurting! 

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