Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Medical Missions

We were thankful for the opportunity to work with one of the Boggs’ medical missions team. We learned about how to prepare for the teams that are coming in May and September. This was an awesome group of doctors, nurses, and willing helpers.
{The lady in the middle is getting a tooth pulled.}
{One sister is comforting the other one. The black on her arm means she is Catholic.}
{The Pharmacy}
{Jimmy translating for one of the doctors.}
{Jimmy witnessing to one of the ladies.}
{Ladies waiting in line}
{A lady wrapping a baby to her back.}

On Tuesday one lady was thinking ahead. She had a hemorrhoid and needed surgery. She told the doctor that she brought her own knife (a razor blade) and alcohol. In public hospitals here I believe you are required to provide all of your own medical supplies. That is difficult for me to even imagine.
{A game of marbles.}

A grandmother brought in her two grandchildren. She said, “They wake up early in the morning before I do and drink ice cold water even though I tell them not to... now look how skinny they are.” This is a common belief here. Cold air and cold drinks make you sick.
{More people waiting in line.}

The mayor came to get a tooth pulled. While he was standing outside looking at all the people coming, he said, “This is a really good you are doing; I think I should go to Jaime’s church.”
{Watching us leave.}

Please pray that this endeavor will bring people into the church and that they will hear the true message of the Gospel and be saved.

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