Monday, January 15, 2007

What Are the Chances

While Melissa was waiting at the gate at the airport she overheard some men say “Q’eqchí.’” So Melissa asked them where they were going. They said that they were going to the Q’eqchí’ people. These guys were from a Baptist church in Kansas City named Daybreak. Their pastor, Steve Reed, was leading them on a missions trip. They have been ministering in Coban, the capital of Alta Verapaz, for several years. This is the department right below the Petén. They have started 9 churches and are working on 3 more. Steve Reed gave them a book he had written and his email address. We are so excited to get in contact with these people so that we can learn from them and possible work together on some projects in the future. This is an awesome contact. God is constantly encouraging us in this endeavor.
Jimmy was given the opportunity to speak at Abundant Life Baptist Church.
{Pastor Rolando & his wife}
Jimmy’s parents got to hear him preach in Spanish and Linda, my Spanish teacher came too. Jimmy gave a clear plan of salvation at the end.
Please pray that the Lord will work in her heart.

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