Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Donkey, a Whale, & a Handlebar Mustache

We went to Santa Rita 2 different days before the Bible studies to announce, but still only made it through about 20% of the village... we kept getting stuck catching up with people! Still we had great turnouts. We even had a couple of first timers.
My lesson was on the Good Samaritan.
José was the priest that didn't stop.
Fredi was going to be the Levite, but I knew he would never make it to that part of the story, he's too naughty... cute, but naughty! He had to give his beard to someone else.
And here is the Samaritan. Didn't you know he sported a handlebar mustache?
Jimmy was the burro. In Guatemala it is offensive to ever refer to someone as an animal, e.g. 'messy as a pig', 'hungry as a horse'. So when I asked for volunteers to be the Samaritan's donkey, they loved it when I picked Jimmy!
Jonah was strapped to me for the kids time and just slept. I looked down at him one time and he was all red. It scared me because I thought he was sunburned, but he was just hot. We kept him hydrated, so he was fine. My mom had Silas.
Lots of times we have parents stand and watch too. I like them to see us love on their kids. I appreciate the same.
This is what it's all about, where Jimmy and Shelley aren't even needed. I want them to see THEMSELVES + GOD not THEMSELVES + US + GOD. We are just the messengers, not the intermediaries.
Jimmy started teaching on the book of Jonah... I wonder where he got the inspiration for that? He has a neat visual aid using ballon animals (whale), so he got everyone to attempt a balloon dog to start of the study.
They were eager to try it!
Even Fabio gave it a go. His looked great when he finished!
It was fun to watch!
For the adult time I thought I could put the boys in a packnplay while I helped Jimmy with getting everyone's names, passing out drinks and worksheets, the praise and worship time, and entertaining the little kids that have to come with their parents. Well this didn't work very well. The Kids time plus the Adult time was a little much for our boys. I fed them in the middle, but with all the attention, the heat, plus the bugs, it still was too long for them to be out. It looks like we will have to put the Bible studies on two different days and I might not come with Jimmy for the adult time until the boys are a little older (6 or 7 months old). I am disappointed, but I think it is the best things for our boys right now. We still are figuring it all out.

We love being back and are so thankful that we still have a ministry to come back to! Several times a day I catch myself just thinking about how blessed we are as a family and as servants of God!


  1. this is so neat guys!i love what you said about it being them+God...that is so true!keep the updates coming!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your update. Its great that you include so many pictures. I wanted to tell you about when Caleb was born. Almost the whole time I was pregnant, Steve was looking for a house to rent so we could start services. He was fianlly able to get one a few weeks before Caleb was born. I was quite disappointed, because I knew this meant that I wouldn't get to be very involved at first. Actually, the morning before our very first service, labor started, so I even missed our first service. But honestly, in the scheme of things, having to take it slow for 6 months (for Caleb's sake, like you are thinking about doing with your boys)wasn't so bad. Honestly, it went by SO fast! So don't feel too sad about having to take it a little slower for a short time. You'll blink, and they will be a year old. And you'll be ministering to lots of people more consistently :) Thanks for the update.


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