Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Story in 360

While my mom was still here the Stoltzfus family (4 out of 10 of them) came over to meet the boys. Virgil and Dara live about an hour away from us in Sayaxche. Virgil's family has been in Guatemala since 1972. They are a great resource to us, plus I really enjoy Dara's friendship! They have been a big blessing to our family.

While they were here, Lico and his family stopped by. We hadn't seen them since we've been back. If you are new to our blog, Lico was the first person Jimmy led to the Lord in New Horizon. New Horizon is a community of ex-guerrillas from the civil war that ended in '96

Here is where it gets good! When Virgil was a teenager guerrillas came to his family's mission compound one night with orders to kill him. They succeeded in kidnapping him. While he was on a boat headed down the Passion River, with his parents' home burning in the distance, one of the guerrillas carelessly put down his gun. Virgil quickly picked it up and had the opportunity to kill those who had taken him captive and escape. Virgil, with only seconds to make a decision that no one would have ever questioned, chose their eternities over is own life.
Well Lico was part of the guerrilla unit that night and this was the first time that he and Virgil got to meet. They talked for hours and Virgil got to ask Lico all kinds of questions about that night and the war.
Dara has written a book about this incident and many others from Virgil's family's time here in Petén. It's a powerful read. We would highly recommend it.


  1. that is incredible! what is the title of the book?

  2. Oh, man!!! I wish I could have been there for that!!!!

  3. It's called Jungle Breezes by Dara Stoltzfus

  4. I'm excited. You gave NH your heart and God is giving you back the bounty. Keep it up.
    Love you guys
    Larry on Claire's computer


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