Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update On Quincho

Quincho, along with us, got kicked out of New Horizon while we were gone. (Which we though was the best thing for him.) He guarded our house and fed our dogs for the 5 months we were in the States, so he had a nice junk of change coming to him when we got back. Jimmy intentionally held on to most of it until we got back so that Quincho wouldn't spend it all on silly things. Money burns a whole in his pocket.

We talked about several things he could spend it on, but determined the best idea would be a small piece of land in the town next to New Horizon since he no longer has a place to live. Well he kept spending a little bit of it here and a little bit of it there until he didn't have enough for land. Plus since his large family (grown brothers and sisters) know that he is "friends with the gringo" they are constantly asking him for money. They think he can just ask Jimmy for more; they don't realize that he works for it.

Quincho did not get any encouragement or godly direction while we were gone. Please pray for him. Right now he is basically homeless and jobless. One of his nephews has cancer and he is helping that family out right now babysitting in Guatemala City. We are not sure what his plans are and neither is he last time we talked.

We will be in the Guate tomorrow and have plans to meet up with him. Please pray that we can be an encouragement to him. This is really a make it or break it time in his life right now. He is choosing the way he will go.
His mom came by to meet Jonah and Silas. She thought it was a dumb decision not to buy land too. (Although I know he is constantly giving large amounts of his paychecks to her). He is a good son. He is being pulled in a lot of directions.

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