Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4 Perfect Little Eyes

Preemies born before 32 weeks need to have a follow up retinal exam after they leave the NICU to check to see if they are developing properly since they did not get to develop fully in utero. Any extended time spent on oxygen can cause problems as well. Since Jonah and Silas were born the day of the cutoff their doctors wanted them to get checked just in case. I was a little worried about Jonah because he took longer to really open his eyes and start looking around, he's more of a kinesthetic tactile little guy than Silas. Both of them got a good report today for which we are very thankful!


  1. Wow, I kept checking at Sweaty Peten to find out what was happening with the babies . . . I didn't realize you had your own blog. Congrats (2 months late apparently!) on two beautiful little boys. I'm glad their eye exams checked out. :)

  2. Regina ~ Thanks!

    Expat Mom ~ That is so cool that you found my blog. We love reading about your little boys and all of you guys' activities together. I just bookmarked your cooking blog 2 days ago!

  3. We have been concerned about you all!!! Paul had been calling Jimmy's cell phone to no avail. Paul got on your Web site and now we know that all is well with you all. I am so happy for your two blessings. We have been praying and praying not knowing,but just thrilled to know all is well you know where we are if you need us. Do take care!!! Maybe we can get together soon.
    Barbara Morrow
    Dolores, Peten

  4. Barbara ~ Hey! Yes, we will have to get together soon! We can't wait to get back!


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