Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seven Pounders

We love Jonah and Silas' pediatrician. He was so helpful today. He is a friend of my dad's. He is such a nice guy. I felt like we got extra special care, but he probably treats all his patients that nicely. He spent so much time with us going over questions. He hand wrote out a list of issues we might have in the first year and what medications to look for and the doses. He also gave us his personal number to call if we ever have an emergency and need some immediate info. This was such a blessing and made me feel a lot better about taking my little ones to the jungle!
The boys have been off bottles since Friday and the nursing is going great! This is such a blessing. I was having a lot of anxiety over this since there are 2 of them and they had been on bottles for so long in the NICU. God just brought the right people in my path to help me with this and offer encouragement. I know this is the best thing for our boys. Anyway this is a HUGE praise and one of the most rewarding things that I fought for in my life!
Jonah is 21.4 in and 7 lbs 2 oz and Silas is 20.4 in 7 lbs.

The boys got their 2 month shots today. They didn't make too much of a ruckus. Jonah actually took it better than Silas.

Silas Before:
Silas After:
Jonah Before: (He liked this vaccine)
Jonah after his shots:

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  1. Oh, these are awesome photos!! I can't wait to get to cuddle both of them...I also thank God for the people he puts in your lives.


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