Tuesday, December 29, 2009

News From Home

We talked to Quincho today. The water on our side of town had been off for 5 days and he didn't realize that he was supposed to turn off our pump. Jimmy had told him to if that happened, but he forgot. We figured it was burned up and that Jimmy would have to replace it again once we returned. Today Quincho said that it started working again. I'm not sure how that is possible, but we're are thankful! But, we traded one problem for another. In Petén you have to pay your electric bill in person and you cannot pay in advance. Jimmy was able to pay in September when he was there, but a friend of ours was suppose to pay for October and November. He is trustworthy with the money, but he just hasn't done it yet, he probably lost our bill number. If you wait too long they will cut the line to our house and then we have to wait 2 weeks+ for someone to come hook it back up. Please pray that this friend will go ahead and fulfill this favor! It would not be fun to be finally home with 2 babies and not have power.

Please continue to pray for Quincho. He is rebuilding his life and plans on buying land when we return. He is not getting support from his family. Some of them look to him as their meal ticket (since he is working for the Gringos) even though they could support themselves. Pray that God will encourage him and send him some strong Christian friends.

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